The Morocco Advantage

We are blessed with Morocco as the perfect location for our project and vision.

Morocco is strategically located, sitting at the doorstep of Europe and with privileged access to North America from Atlantic. It benefits from strong relations with the EU through bilateral trade and cooperation agreements, and was granted Advanced Status within the EU Neighbourhood Policy in 2008. This allows to enter key manufacturing markets such as Germany, which is the largest importer of refined products in the world.

Morocco is a constitutional monarchy, with high political stability and government support for the mining industry. As the world largest exporter of phosphates and a long tradition of industrial mining operations, Morocco was ranked the best place for mining investment in Africa, and the eighth best in the world by the 2021 Fraser Institute Survey. As part of the government’s strategic plan, Morocco is looking to triple mining revenue by 2025.

Renewable potential in Morocco is world class. Featuring the largest concentrated solar power plant globally and various gigawatt-scale hydropower facilities, Morocco is set to become a regional champion of clean power. The government is aiming to reach 50% renewable energy in their domestic grid by 2030, and various large-scale projects are being developed to export clean electricity and green hydrogen into Europe via subsea cables and ammonia terminals.

In addition, Morocco enjoys superior infrastructure, manufacturing capability and skilled workforce availability, representing an economic powerhouse in North Africa. Trains, highways and ports match the quality of European economies, and various chemical and automotive multinationals run their regional operations in country.